The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real


The list of contributors so far. With out these people this book would not have happened.

Kristin Sims Co-Author

Kristin Sims is a preschool teacher with a flair for writing. After graduating from Rose State College in 1997, she published her first novel written from the perspective of a ghost…. which was frightening only in its abject failure.

She relinquished the pen and went on to spend 5 years in Property Management and Real Estate. With the birth of her son and the thousands of bedtime stories that followed, she began to develop an affection for children's books. With a trepidatious, but steadfast spirit, she fired up her ever loyal PC and started writing again.

Kristin has published one children's book entitled Patrick's Space Adventure and is currently in production with the second, Sounds Are Not Scary. Grateful to Jayson for giving her the chance to write for a grown-up audience again, she is merely delighted to be pursuing a long- misplaced passion once more.

Brian Baskin Co-Author

Brian Baskin is a security professional who specializes in digital forensics and incident response and has worked for over 15 years to help secure enterprise and federal government environments.

Brian is an active incident responder, malware analyst, reverse engineer, and forensic analyst. He has worked incident responses for RSA Security, as well as Newberry Group, cmdLabs, and CSC. He first encountered the APT threat in the middle of an exfil in 2004, before it was cool. He has completed hundreds of official forensic examinations that include active compromises of entire networks and continuing threats against Defense contractors. He has worked with international law enforcement agencies to analyze seized hackers systems to correlate back to large-scale attacks, and has documented the evolution of custom malware encryption routines over the course of half a decade. His work has been commented upon on the front page of news media, though his role will continue to remain anonymous and undisclosed.

Brian spent over a decade developing secure and effective incident response techniques to train to military and federal law enforcement agents as part of the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy (DCITA). He trained FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) agents, developed specialized procedures for the Maryland State Police, and consulted with the US Secret Service. He developed training for Linux and Solaris incident response and network intrusions, beginning his career in the age of SafeBack, Maresware, and The Coroner's Toolkit.

In 2003, Brian was trained on Linux forensics by the FBI CART and has since helped lead many efforts by the DoD and federal law enforcement's in better designing forensic tools. He has applied that training methodology to students from law enforcement to security teams within Fortune 500 Defense contractors. He carried his training and presentations to many conferences in the Defense field, demonstrating penetration testing, active reconnaissance, and defensive postures.

Brian was a subject matter expert in the development of the Introduction to Securing Law Enforcement Networks for the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), as well as the Internet Investigations Training Program for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). In a class on online undercover techniques, he once used one of his own decade-old online handles as a test of OSINT abilities only to have a law enforcement student's efforts open an investigation into him. He was the principal developer and manager for the initial creation of content for the US Secret Service's National Computer Forensic Institute's opening. He is a Navy Plankowner for his work in developing a brand new online education system for military use.

In his early years, Brian was a network administrator and helped keep secure the servers for a financial stock exchange service provider, maintaining servers that help run NASDAQ and American Stock Exchange. He was a BBS enthusiast, running a Renegade board in the 609 while developing door games and tinkering with ANSI art. He has programmed in QBASIC, batch, bash, REXX, TCL/TK, C, C++, Pascal, JavaScript, and Python. He continues to use Python to develop security tools and custom scripts for incident response.

He has been roped into helping write many books in the past for all areas of information security. His authoring career had been solely to help finish struggling books. This book you're currently reading is the first book he has chosen to write from the beginning, and he is still partially regretting the decision.

Brian lives a quiet life in central Maryland with his lovely wife, two awesome boys, bothersome rabbits, and lethargic koi. He is a recovering video game addict and used to drag race his own heavily modified Ford Lightning. He is proud of driving a full size pickup with no power adder to 100MPH in a quarter mile.

Brian Martin Editor - Technical Editor

Brian Martin - Just some guy with a halfway decent grasp on the Engrish language.