The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real

The Acknowledgements



Thanks to Haki Berkeri for the pizza, Pepsi, and the good advice that kept me going when nothing else was.

I also owe thanks to Weldon for Wednesday, Dee for all the days in between. Rudy for the rides and for sticking with Hanzo. David Letterman for letting me be on his show (and for Stephen Colbert, I hope). Del Rhea and Lee for their love of rodents who hang out at the mall. I'd like to thank Dana G. for the UBER help in Denver. Sarah K. for being my supervising adult. Thomas Lim for the awesome Pizza Hut lunch in Singapore. Thanks Jeff M. & Dave K. for the two near death experiences climbing to the top of the Great Wall of China! Brittney J. thanks for being a great family friend (and enabling my Ruffles addiction). Jeff R. who has helped make my life way more interesting than I thought possible. Crystal M. for being an awesome DEFCON companion and Jason M. for being such an awesome host when I come to visit. To Khalil S. AKA Pilgrim who always has a place for me to stay and gun for me to borrow. Chris K. from Syngress with a hamburger dinner in San Francisco put this book back on track and into print. Wendy N. who through her example and advice showed me that female hackers aren't needed solely for a love interest! Dave K. we'll always have Paris (and DerbyCon) Winn S. for showing me the dangers of Solar Flares and to Paul C. for speaking out on it! To Dino C. & Dimitri F. for the unbelievable opportunity to Awkward Hug a lion in South Africa! To Mariska B. for not murdering me in my sleep and for taking me to the top of Africa. To Raaka B. for making me into a comic book character. DT for not only giving me a home in the Nevada desert but thousands of others as well! Eddie M. for making the 1st picture of me that I actually like. PureHate thanks for the spark for the third book can't wait to nuke you in it! Finux my Scottish friend in Germany. FX who went against the popular opinion and let me speak twice at PHN will always be a highlight of my life! Kent N. who has one of the most horrendous and most unenviable jobs... being my boss! Olivier F. of Sysdream for hosting me (and my family) in Paris for one of the best Hacking conferences in Europe! Daniela S. and the Cirosec GmbH team for awesome conversations created at their wonderful conference in beautiful cities around Germany. Bill G., Brian H. and the other professors who honored me by using the first book in their classes. Dave P. & Paul P. thanks to you and the other pwnies for giving me my InfoSec Ranger title! Leonard C. Despite what was done you've been my friend and helped me visit wonderful places! Rania H. for all the fun in Cairo (I have new cows for you). Jake K. I needed those late night Skype calls more than you know! Russ R. for giving an over-enthusiastic hacker those extra chances! Adam L. thank you for showing me how better it is to be a role model instead of a rock star! Thanks Jens for the longest hamburger dinner in Hamburg (I did like dessert though) Also for showing me the 'coolness' of the CCC. To my brother Ming for always making a trip to China an experience! Michael A. & Andrew N. for such an epic adventure in Jamaica (FTR score me = 1 1/2 the Dunn river falls = 1)! ioCassie who is someone I can always count on for getting a job done! (Not the note taker but an awesome call maker). Ninja Networks, the DC801 and all the other groups who take DEFCON parties to a whole other level! int0x80 & c64 for the dropping of awesome beats! Hoping to get some dualcore tracks for the movie! To Babs0Matic & J0hnnyXm4s plus elizmmartin for the THOTCON slumber parties! Georgia W. for taking the pictures of the sea turtle. Steve L. for putting up with the crazy American in London and keeping quiet about what happened at Bletchley Park! To Nikita though she doesn't realize it was instrumental in forming an unlikely relationship that made this book possible! To you know who that thing I owe you it's in that place where I put that thing that time! George R. for letting me clutter up your desk with trinkets and for the burger lunches. TheSuggmeister I love the board and the Roman wall! Professors Xu and Luo of Beijing Institute of Technology for always being such wonderful hosts. Also dear Wang thanks for being a great Beijing companion (especially at the cliff village). Thanks George S. for your awesome driving skills and not driving us off a cliff or into something. Drew W. for teaching me a lesson in Melaka Malaysia.

Almost Last but by no means not least! The INFOSEC and Hacking communities who have made my life a lot more interesting than it would have been if I had become a lawyer. I know I'm forgetting some people and special moments to give thanks for but don't worry the third book in the series will be out next year! :-)

Last and certainly least, Thanks Mr. Ellis, P. and the whole Frisbie clan also the DSC for rooting for my failure and always giving me someone to prove wrong! I've never needed revenge I just have taken joy knowing that my continued success makes y'all unhappy! ;-)