The Story is F1ct10n The threats are real

The Synopsis

"Dissecting the hack: The V3rb0t3n Network" Is a ground breaking book based on one goal. To inform and educate executives and upper management on the importance of Information Security without alienating or losing them in the process. Though this book will also appeal to the layman and Information Security professional as well. This book has evolved from the presentation "Selling Elephant Whistles" created by Jayson E. Street. and is the sequel to "Dissecting the hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network"

Part 1 - The Story

Dissecting the Hack: The V3rb0t3n Network promises to venture further into cutting-edge techniques and methods than its predecessor, Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network. It forgoes the basics and delves straight into the action as our heroes are chased around the world in a global race against the clock! The danger they face will forever reshape their lives as our heroes know it. The price they pay will not only affect themselves, but could possibly shake the foundation of a country!.

Part 2 - The Technical Guide

The second part of this book is located after the fictional story and stands alone as a walkthrough of the methodology and tools used in Information Security. This book does not compete with other manuals out on the market today. "Security Threats Are Real" (STAR), focuses on these real-world lessons and advanced techniques, as used by characters in the story. This gives the reader not only text book knowledge, but context around how the attacks may manifest

Part 3 - What brings them together

Throughout the fictional story the reader will come across highlighted areas in the book when hacking tools are mentioned as well as when there is references on the hacking culture, best practices for Information Security and Policies that were or were not in place to defend against a certain attack. If a reader is so compelled they then can stop where they are and look at the technical guide at the back of the book to find out further information on the topic that is taking place in the story. If the reader is reading the technical guide all the way through and sees information on a certain hack or security policy and would like to see how that would relate in a real world scenario the page number from the book where it is located is referenced right there. Making it very easy for the reader to cross reference the entire book in several ways so the reader can choose which one best suits their needs.